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Tamuz Nissim

Singer- Composer- Pianist

"Miss Nissim’s instrument is gorgeous,
lustrous, precise, high-sprung and light as
a feather-light. Her musicianship is fierce
as she digs into the expression of each word,
brings ceaseless variety soft dynamics and gives every phrase a lustrous grace." 
 Raul da Gama, Jazz Dagama
"A real boundary pusher that scores high marks."
Midwest Record (Capturing clouds 2020)
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"Tamuz’s charismatic personality pervades each song as she wooes fans with her vocals but she knows that her magnetism is multiplied ten-fold thanks to her solid musical line-up. So, grab the album and let yourself be seduced by a wondrous experience." Nathalie Freson UK Vibes
 "Miss Nissim’s “Rhapsody for Trane” is far and away the most spectacular tributes that any singing musician could have paid to the great musician. Its monumental vocal leaps and breathy rushes notes tumble in parabolic cascades as Miss Nissim seems to have unbridled fun with her glorious instrument. It is easily the crowning glory of what is clearly the finest album she has recorded in her young career. Raul da Gama
"Nissim breaks stride here with a set that sounds like cabaret jazz from tomorrow or another planet.  ...
 A real boundary pusher that scores high marks.​" Midwest record
"Some vocalists sing; Tamuz Nissim interprets and uses her voice like a character actor" George Harris ,Jazz Weekly.
"An artist with a set of versatile and soaring pipes.. and vocal acrobatics that few could replicate." Take Effect
"In an era when there are so many talented female jazz singers, Tamuz Nissim should not be overlooked."
scott Yanow, NYC Jazz Record
"Tamuz Nissim’s third release and it is a gem! She has a beautiful voice, outstanding control, she can scat with the best of any era and on top of that, she tosses in some knock out vocalese that would put the icing on any cake! "
     Dave Rogers WTJU
"Scatting, swinging, singing and working her way into your heart as well as your ears, the vocal/guitar duo at the core of this show knows what are they are doing and where they want to go. A deceptively simple date, the skill and chops that go into making this all work are quite impressive indeed. "  Chris Spector Midwest record
"Originals that are so smart they can bend light. . "  C Michael Bailey, All About Jazz
"Tamuz Nissim covers just about every imaginable jazz related style from straight melody to scat singing to vocalese and singing atmospheric tones. Put her together with guitarist George Nazos and you have a combination that works so amazingly well through each style that it is stunning."  Dave Rogers WTJU
Tamuz Nissim can deliver a moody, sultry ballad with real authority, and she can swing as well, with a command of the scatting vocabulary.Oely Santo. New York Jewish Week.
"This girl with the cat eyes and voice that caresses the soul is a proof that jazz is a living art and that stars are still being born."
Linda Baseggio (Athens Digital)

"Israeli vocalist Tamuz Nissim and Greek guitarist George Nazos. When these two pair up they manage to develop a hydrous happening full of mellifluous designs, clear flowing thoughts, and dulcet tones."


"These harmonious offerings, among others, serve as explorations of the heart, the spirit, and the soul. They paint a beautifully clear and emotionally deep picture of what Tamuz Nissim and George Nazos are all about.

Dan Bilawsky,  All about Jazz


"Poetically inclined ."  Michael Tucker Jazz Journal (volume 70 no.7)

"One of the most beautiful and unique albums that came to us recently is Tamuz Nissim's debut album.

"...original creation that captures in it's charm everyone who listens to it. "


"an extremely gifted jazz singer is bringing in her debut album a lot of freshness, she is serious and light in the right amount, no need to say more, if you enjoy contemporary vocal jazz you would not want to miss this lovely pearl."

About "The Music Stays in a Dream" Third ear Israel


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